How we help

Renting a house or flat can give you great flexibility; but looking for a new home can be a daunting experience. ‘Where do I want to live? Where are the schools? How far to the nearest bus or train station? How much can I afford?’ Just a few of the questions you’ll probably want to ask.

However, rest assured, here at Garrison Lettings we have all the answers you’ll need, to make the right decision, and with our varied range of properties to let, we’ll help you find the one you’re looking for, then take you through all the necessary steps to get you moved into your new home.


If you’re looking to rent a home there’s no need to be worried about the legal implications of committing to a tenancy. We explain everything, help you complete all the necessary forms and take you through all the legalities in plain, simple language that’s easy to understand.

We are also on hand should you have any questions throughout your tenancy, even assisting you to give your Landlord notice if you decide to move.

How We Can Help

Having been in business since 2004 we know the area, the people and the properties. Whether you’re new to Richmondshire or a long-term resident, you can make use of our local knowledge and property expertise.

  • Help is on hand, to find the right home to rent.
  • It can be always stressful moving, you’ll have questions, we’ve got the answers; straight forward advise.


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